Apr 05

April 5th, 2014

4c651We have had a good start to our month in terms of adding new material to our inventory.  Our constant quest for premium quality Canadian stamps continues and we have added better items in terms of both mint and used.  Town postmarks from all over the country have been added.  Additionally many key and harder revenues are new to inventory.  All manner of better Newfoundland material makes its debut as well.  British Empire stamps which should be mentioned are numerous but highlights are sets and singles from South Africa and Seychelles.  Red hot People’s Republic of China has been added to our inventory as well.

Mar 31

March 31, 2014

4c393Rounding out another busy month here at Ian Kimmerly Stamps we have a number of better items to highlight which are new to our inventory.  Premium quality Canadian stamps of the Late Victorian and Edwardian period have been added.  Staying within Canada’s borders we should also mention a number of tougher revenues, also new to inventory.  Better Newfoundland used as well as mint are always a priority and we have added even more to our already impressive assortment.  For the wider British Commonwealth we stay with the epicentre, Great Britain, where we have added plenty of better material.

Mar 25

Mint Sheets

We have a long listing of Canada mint sheets for sale. They are all unfolded, with full imprints (except 1250a), and of course fresh and never hinged. Click this link to see what is included, and let us know by e-mail what you are interested in purchasing at the listed prices.

Mar 15

March 15, 2014

4c69The Ides of March present glad tidings, this time round.  We have diligently added copious quantities of better Canadian material, both used and mint.  Perforated Officials, the likes of which do not come up often, have been added, handsome blocks of four as well as revenues.  Some tough Newfoundland material makes its way into inventory as well.  There are newly added items worth exploring from the British Empire and Commonwealth with a concentration in North Borneo, British Offices Abroad and Egypt.  A more difficult area to collect in which we have added a very respectable amount of better material is East Asia, including South Korea but more especially the People’s Republic of China.

Mar 04

Chic Chalon — Weekly Feature #456

WF456Young Victoria Head by Chalon Three Pence lilac watermarked large star.  Used with full to large margins.  There is a light ink mark at left.  A Very Fine example of the provisional imperforates from this printing ex. Joseph Hackney.  Catalogue value shown is from Scott for an imperforate pair.  Stanley Gibbons #118a. (catalogue £1900,00 for an imperforate pair).  Our Price: $450.00

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