AGF Year of the Tiger Postcard — Weekly Feature #113

AGF Mutual Funds Group is a respected financial services company in Canada and a large postal customer. Since their logo is a tiger, the Year of the Tiger stamp was of special interest. In cooperation with Canada Post, they produced one million special envelopes using the tiger stamp image as postal stationery. This promotional printing was exclusive to their company.

AGF Year of the Tiger PostcardApparently once the AGF envelopes were ordered, an additional request was granted by Canada Post and postal cards were prepared. They were printed on a seven-colour press using the same electronic file used by Canada Post to print the stamps. Since security features were built into the digital file it is easy to detect any attempt to copy this postcard. As an additional feature both postcards and envelopes have the WWF logo. AGF sent these out to their major brokers on the day the Tiger stamp was issued. Used examples are scarce. We offer the French card for$120 in our internet store. (We can also supply the English card, contact us for information.)

Webb catalogue #KP135a.