Lovely Lesotho — Weekly Feature #238

This week’s feature is inspired by a set of stamps which sold on eBay this morning. Haiti #625-7, C348-50, is an attractive set of 6 butterfly stamps, which was listed in the 2004 Scott Catalogue with a value of $1.75.

The 2005 catalogue responded by appreciating the value of many popular topical sets (especially from relatively unpopular countries, such as Haiti), recognizing that the demand among topical collectors far exceeds the demand from country collectors. As a result, many of these sets have doubled or tripled in price. The Haiti set went up an astounding amount – more than 50 times the previous catalogue value to $94.75. We bought this lovely set recently and it is in immaculate condition so we decided to try it on eBay. On eBay it attracted more than 50 people to “open” the description. Our stiff opening bid of $68.98 was realized and then it started going up and finally sold to Japan for US $103.50 with 5 different bidders prepared to pay our opening bid.

This week we offer a set with a similar back story. We offer these VF NH sets at $17.50; find them in our internet shopping cart at this link.