Fishing Flies — Weekly Feature #260

Canada Post (in common with other postal administrations around the world) has significantly increased the range and scope of many new issues. As stamp collectors we can be nostalgic about the good old days when new issues were offered in sheets and that was the only format; but we cannot roll back the years. Booklets, self-adhesive, die-cut and kiss-cut varieties will continue to bedevil the collector who strives for completion.
Canada #2087a booklet paneTypical is the issue this year of the fishing fly stamps. They are available in booklets of 8 stamps as the primary method of sale to the public. The booklets are conveniently rouletted so that collectors can separate a block of four for mounting in an album. The self-adhesive stamps have a kiss-cut roulette, which cuts through the paper of the stamp, but not the backing paper. This facilitates the removal of these from the backing paper.

At the same time as the booklet was issued a souvenir sheet of 4 was issued in a fairly limited quantity and was producing using traditional water activated gum. As used single stamps these are easily distinguished from the booklet stamps because the souvenir sheet has different paper and traditional perforations. Both the souvenir sheet and the booklet sold out quickly.

When the quarter year pack was released the Fishing Flies were represented by the booklet stamps, which have been rouletted with a die-cut. This makes for a more attractive presentation on album page, but taking the backing paper off the back of self-adhesive stamps takes a skill similar to threading a needle. These are meant for retention.

Canada #2087a souvenir sheetWe can offer all of the variations explained above:

We also have a comprehensive stock of modern Canadian die-cut and kiss-cut varieties.