Conversational Cachets — Weekly Feature #271

In past weekly features we have listed items that are one-of-a-kind finds, that we can only offer to a single buyer and once it is gone the chance of finding others is slim. This week we have selected a weekly feature of which we have many sets and it is unlikely that we will sell out completely. Nonetheless, this week’s features would be an interesting addition to any collection and are sure to spark a few conversations.
Silver Jubilee CachetThe first item is a pair of privately prepared cachets celebrating the Queen’s Silver Jubilee visit to Canada. Both cachets feature Scott #704, one being cancelled from the House of Commons and the second from the Senate of Canada. This attractive pair of cachets were originally advertised at a retail price of $5.50 CDN back in 1977, now almost years later we are able to offer the pair for $4.50 CDN. Purchase them from our shopping cart at this link.
National Anthem CachetsThe second weekly feature is a lovely pair of privately prepared cachets for the 1980 Scott #857 and 858 O Canada issue. These cachets and stamps commemorate the recognition of O Canada as Canada’s official national anthem on June 27 1980. Both cachets feature a stamp cancelled by a green House of Commons cancel. We offer the pair of cachets for $3.95 CDN; they can be ordered from our shopping cart at this link.
We have recently made a large purchase of these cachets, as a result we will be able to offer these nice collectibles to more than one of our customers. We will also be able to take orders for larger quantities.