A New Beginning


Today we post the first of some pictures of our new store. This photo was taken from a ladder while preparations continue to organize the sales floor.

Stamp related activities today include counting Japanese postage. It’s a huge lot and might total 1,000,000 yen. Some lovely Large Queens were carefully graded and priced.

Today we had no scheduled appraisals but a customer brought in quite a marvelous set of six albums covering Germany from the Empire in 1872 until the end of the Third Reich. The pages are of high quality acid free paper and the binders are full leather with metal corners. The album provides space for all Michel listed varieties with notes for identification. Although second hand they are like new. Our price for the set of 6 is $200 is likely less than the cost of one volume today. If interested call us for details. The albums were prepared in 1989 by John Taylor of Album Publishing Company. We show a sample of page 22 from Volume I “The Empire.”