Merry Christmas

Yesterday Ottawa received a dose of freezing rain. I drove a fair bit during the ice storm of 1998 but the rain of yesterday was much more slippery than 1998. When I drove home I used 4 wheel drive and travelled under 10 km an hour and still turned nearly 270 degrees instead of 90 turning onto my street. Today at plus 7 the ice is gone

After selling our good Bytown stampless cover on Wednesday, today we sold the Canada number one on cover from Bytown dated June, 1851.

Traditionally stamp dealers do not have a strong pre-Christmas season. We attribute this to our customers using their stamp budget to buy gifts during December. This Christmas season, however, has been our best ever. One quite memorable change is that a very high percentage of parents or other relatives buying stamp starter kits for (typically) a nine or ten year old are buying them for girls. If that trend continues (and one place where it is noticeable is that among youth Exhibitors men do not dominate in the way they do in the adult categories) our hobby will have a different “look” in years to come.

We have been preparing for our post-Christmas sale. One item we have decided to feature (in addition to EVERYTHING else which is on sale) is uncut press sheets. While supplies last we are offering these all at the Post Office issue price (although at this low price they will not be eligible for Kimmerly Dollars).

On a Christmas theme, I was impressed yesterday listening to a local Rabbi who explained that for years he had been greeting his non-Jewish friends with “Merry Christmas” and observed that over time an increasing percentage were responding by wishing him a “Happy Honnakha”. My daughter, like others of her generation who were raised in a multi-cultural/ethnic milieu, would be less impressed with the Rabbi than I was because she would regard his comments as unremarkable and quite normal.

During this season and extending into the New Year let us hope that everyone, everywhere can continue the feeling of peace and goodwill which is generated by the Christmas season and Christmas message.

To everyone, I wish you happy and safe holidays.

– Ian Kimmerly