Large Queens

There is a story I heard after posting my last blog which I just HAVE to pass on. It comes from Ken Kershaw who after retiring from his distinguished career has taken up philately with unmatched passion and dedication. Ken was communicating with a fellow collector who has been a student of Canada’s five cent beaver for more than 60 years. In that time he had identified close to 500 varieties of the different plates.

He brought up his collection to Ken and Ken showed him how he scanned the stamp at 1200 dpi and blew it up to fill the large screen monitor. Immediately the 88 year old collector’s eyes lit up. Now he could see things he never saw with just a high-powered magnifying glass. He ordered a computer and scanner and couldn’t wait to get home to use these new tools. In Ken’s understated way he reckoned it had given a whole new purpose to this man’s life.

Today we report on the first of some recent purchases. It is an accumulation/collection of more than a thousand Large Queens. When I first heard about it, I was skeptical about buying it. The price seemed too high and I already own more used Large Queens than I need for day-to-day retail sales. After carefully viewing the stamps, the price was still too high, there really were a lot of fairly ordinary stamps and I probably should have said no to the opportunity. However there were a lot of very fine stamps (and the page of five centers was one of the highlights) and there were also some very rare postmarks. So, as usual, the heart overruled the brain and I bought the lot.

In the coming weeks we will feature some specials from this purchase. It is available intact for a very short while.

– Ian Kimmerly