German Booklets

Our post-Christmas sale kept everyone busy and now after a few days of catching up on sleep, phone calls, and emails, things are closer to normal. On Monday I looked at a huge collection in Montreal and prospects look good that I will be able to buy it. Today I purchased collections of classic Bulgaria, Austria, and Montenegro. The latter has over 120 stamps, is reasonably complete and has a catalogue value of approx. $250. In the firs (1874) issue it has #2 and #3 unused and #5 with o.g. the overall condition is fresh and fine or better. Price $150.

A collection purchased during the sale is of German booklets. The current catalogue value of these was 13,330 euros (Canadian $20,261). We will sell out of the collection at a rate of $1/euro for small purchases or $.80/euro for larger purchases. Lot price was $7950, but we have sold approx. 500 euros for approx. $400 and will reduce the lot price by the amount sold.

Kate and Karen have been organizing boxes of mint stamps. One glassine marked $2.85 contained all but two values of the wildlife set from Burundi which now boasts a catalogue value in excess of $1000. That discovery will, hopefully, soon be good for the bank account but another discovery of a claret-coloured diamond shaped stamp from the “Canton de Geneve/Lettre de Voiture” was, to me, more exciting.

-Ian Kimmerly