Missing Year of the Pig

The lunar New Year of the Pig has produced some excitement for us.

Five stamps in the right hand column are partially showing the grey rainbow foiling. The missing silver rainbow foil is a more subtle difference. It can be seen on the non-error stamps most easily in the lowest chrysanthemum flower on the pig’s belly and especially on top of the gray colour which outlines the pig. (Click on the stamp to see a larger scan.) The silver foil is used to highlight or to give a “rainbow” effect to the outline of the pig.

Year of the Pig souvenir sheet

Most importantly all of the stamps are missing the gold foil. In the one pane there is a striking and unusual error of two missing enhancements to the stamp image! This is very likely the first time a double enhancement has been missing from a Canadian stamp. Thus we have two different missing colour varieties on one pane of stamps.

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– Ian Kimmerly