The Honda Fits

A new car.

After my comments about my old Ford Explorer several people have asked about my progress in getting a new vehicle. First I have to describe my past experience in car buying. My first two cars were each purchased for two hundred dollars from relatives; the next three cars were also used and purchased through Bob Provencher and each time I purchased the first “good deal” offered.

That’s my experience … now for my expertise. I had owned the last vehicle for almost ten years and driven it for more than 200,000 kilometres. It was and still is a Chevy Blazer. I don’t know how often I called it a Ford Explorer and I have no idea what the difference is between the two cars. You can trust me to grade and expertise stamps; but now no one should trust ANYTHING I say about cars!

So I decided to look at a new car. I read Phil Edmonston on both new and used cars and I read a report from Slate magazine which was a consumer report on the least expensive new cars. The Slate magazine article had the Honda Fit as leading the pack by a long way. I could make this a long story about the pitfalls of my first car purchase. Suffice to say I now own a Honda Fit … and I’ll never forget and call it a Toyota.


I left on Wednesday March 14 and returned March 26. During that time I spent several days leisurely driving through mountains (delayed by a mudslide) and the foothills, and visiting relatives. The stamp events were the Great Western Stamp Show in Langley B.C. and the Edmonton Spring National. Both were great shows with wonderful people. Sales at the shows were strong especially from the “Michael Roberts” collection. Meeting new collectors and dealers and doing business with them was both enjoyable and in several cases the start of what will likely prove to be a long-term relationship.

Purchases were substantial including a Newfoundland collection, Cinderellas in quantity, and I was the major buyer at the Edmonton Stamp Club’s auction with total purchases of just under $10,000, as well as other miscellaneous.

During the trip between Vancouver and Edmonton I stopped off to examine a substantial British Commonwealth collection. I have dealt with the owner before this and we agreed that I would take the collection to carefully examine it and find all the value. As a result in about a month I will be able to make an offer and if the offer is accepted (which is likely) we will have available a lovely fresh collection which has substantial quantities of Queen Victoria multiples, King George V issues reasonably complete, and some degree of specialization. It’s a wonderful and valuable collection.

I will have more to say on my purchases (and much sooner than my last blog posting).


My lack of blog postings since late January have been partly that business has been so busy but mainly that the Blogger software was “upgraded.” In all the years I’ve struggled so that computers don’t simply freeze on me, I’ve learned that upgrade should be a four letter word standing for frustration and lost productivity. I simply could not get the upgrade to work. Kate struggled (and one blog was lost somewhere in cyberspace) and so did Matt – and he has solved most of the “upgrade”‘s frustrations. Interestingly these do not include boldface except for the first time it is tried so “a new car” might now appear as bold five times and might be in italics. If so I have no intention of trying to correct it.

I fully understand why some people hate Microsoft. Me, I’m going back to stamps.