Interesting Ivory Coast — Weekly Feature #317

Ivory Coast CoverThe editors of the Scott catalogue are conscientious and do an excellent job. Nevertheless, there is a dearth of information for several African countries. Some of these are “failed states” or at least failed postal administrations.
The Scott catalogue needs people to report on new issues and new overprints. Our experience is that at least 6 African countries, especially Malagasy/Madagascar have dozens of unreported stamp issues. We recently purchased a few dozen recent envelopes from Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and a few other countries.

This week we feature an acknowledgement of receipt envelope from the Ivory Coast. Modern commercial envelopes like this offer a fascinating field for the postal historian.
We have blanked out the address because we hope to purchase several hundred more covers from the same source.

This item can be purchased for $15 from our internet store at this link.