Turks Treats — Weekly Feature #329

About 20 years ago there was an effort by a Canadian Member of Parliament to have the Turks and Caicos Islands come under Canadian sovereignty or protection. Nothing came of it.

This island group which is a favoured destinations for Canadians remains a dependency of Jamaica.

The first stamps for the Turks Islands were issued in 1867 and were engraved by Perkins-Bacon. Later in 1900 the first stamps for the Turks and Caicos were issued.

For the 33 years of Turks Islands stamps all the one penny and six penny values were the original Perkins-Bacon design. The six penny was originally printed in black or later olive black. In 1889 the value was printed in shades of yellow brown on paper watermarked Crown CA.

The watermark was impressed onto the soft paper pulp during the papermaking process. One hundred Crown CA images had a straight line border and these would be affixed top a “dandy roll”. In making paper there would be more than one full pane of 100 images on a “dandy roll”. This is evident on this block of Turks Islands stamps.

This week we offer this lovely block of 15 which is fresh, well-centered with 12 never hinged stamps. It is one of many dozens of special features from an advanced British Commonwealth collection purchased by us. WF 329 Turks & Caicos #46var. CDN$100. It can be seen in our on-line shopping cart at this link.