Delightful Dogs — Weekly Feature #348

Over the past few weeks here at Ian Kimmerly Stamps we have been working hard at breaking down a large mammal topical collection. The collection spans the globe with stamps from Afars and Issas to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. From aardvarks to zebras this collection of over twenty 3-ring binders has really allowed us to fill up our Wildlife topical books.

This week is just a small sampling of what is now to offer in our retail stock. We offer a collection of dog topical issues from Monaco – commemorating the annual “Dog Show”. This grouping of 39 stamps is complete for dog issue from 1970 to 2005. It would make a great start or addition to any dog topical collection. Scott numbers 759/2373, overall CV is $124.15 US. Our weekly feature price is $99.

Monaco Dog Topicals