Topical Treasures — Weekly Feature #372

WF372We recently acquired an extensive stock of many topics from every country. The period of issue ranges from the 1950s almost up to date with the greatest concentration in 1993 to 2007. All are fresh and about 99% are never hinged.

We select this pair from Bolivia as a sample because we had not seen it before. Issued in 1995, the Scott catalogue value for #1282-83 is U$6.50 and our price is C$6.50 or $5.20 U.S. We checked Gibbons and Michel and their prices are much higher. Michel is £16 (about $26 CDN). Many other sets have a similar ratio.

Our plan is to put the items which we price at about $15 or higher into our on-line inventory of Topicals, which can be browsed at this link.