Revenue Revelation — Weekly Feature #387

The ten cent King George Fifth Supreme Court Law Stamps are quite scarce. They were printed, then either perforated or rouletted and the rouletted stamps are found with both a blue or a purple control number.

Recently a prominent citizen of Ottawa made an appointment to bring in “tons of stamps,” to use his phrase. When he brought them in there was an envelope with a dozen worldwide revenues for which I offered $20; there was a small bag with childhood albums etc. which he agreed to donate to the Youth Booth when I told him it was worth less than the envelope of revenues. The only other item in the “tons” of stamps was this Supreme Court revenue stamp. I offered $75, he accepted, and we chatted for a while about municipal politics in Ottawa.10¢ KGV Supreme Court rouletted with offsetThe Stamp is Van Dam #FSC14 with a catalogue value of $500. It needed a soak in fresh water and had a suspicious looking “crease.” Well the good soaking revealed some trivial flaws which were expected before the soaking. Unfortunately, the suspected crease turned into a closed tear just into the design near the “P” of “STAMP.”

However the offset on the back of the stamp (you often read or see an “offset on gum”) was not on the gum but on the stamp paper. As these were the first printed in 1915 one can assume that the perforated stamps were printed on gummed paper. The evidence of this stamp suggests that some or all of the stamp which were to be rouletted were gummed after printing. While it may not show on your computer, elements of the design including “CA” of “CANADA” can be picked up from the offset. If anyone can add information about this we will write it up in a future weekly special.

10¢ KGV Supreme Court rouletted with offset directly on stamp, and with faults as described.
Our Price: $175

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