Special Seahorse — Weekly Feature #390

The high values first issued by Great Britain in 1913 are masterpieces of the engraver’s skill. Popularly known as “Seahorses,” they came in shades of brown for the two shilling six pence, shades of red for the five shilling, shades of blue for the ten shilling, and shades of green for the one pound denomination.

At the time of issue, the rate within the British Empire was one penny, so these high values represented 30, 60, 120 and 240 times that rate. Thinking in the same terms today, the equivalent would be 240 times the basic rate of 57¢ ($136.80)!SPECIAL SEAHORSE

The ten shilling value was printed by three different printers and this week’s featured stamp was prepared by Waterlow and Sons in the shade of indigo-blue. The colour is deep and fresh, and the stamp is well-centered. As a stamp of Great Britain the catalogue value is $900. The same stamp surcharged 12 PESETAS for use in the Morocco Agencies is undoubtedly scarcer, but demand is less for the Morocco Agencies, so the Scott catalogue value is only US$110 (S.G. CV is £100).

Normally we price a stamp as nice as this at full Scott when it has a light to moderate hinge as this one does. But this is such an appealing stamp, we want someone to appreciate it as much as we do. Our price: $125.00.

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