Benjamin Block — Weekly Feature #404

The One Cent U.S. stamp featuring a bust of Benjamin Franklin was in use from 1851-1857 imperforate and from 1857-1861 perforated.  A total of 12 plates were used with the last two being the most interesting.  For these last plates two new transfer rolls were prepared from the altered original die.  The new transfer rolls causes slightly different images in alternate rows of the right side pane of 12 and this results in two separate Scott numbers.

We offer a block of six from the right half of Plate #12 with a 2011 Philatelic Foundation Certificate stating: “Unused, OG, block of six (2×3) positions 32-33/42-43/52-53 R12, B/C/B reliefs, top and bottom rows Type II, Center Row Type I.  And we are of the opinion that it is genuine, previously hinged, the top left stamp with a small adherence on the reverse”

Scott Specialized #18 block of four Types I and II $9500. plus pair of #20 $2100., for a total catalogue value of $11,600.

This Fine-Very Fine block with the Certificate and eight photocopied pages of background is available for CDN $5950.

Available from our Internet Store as WF404.