Carmine Canadian — Weekly Feature #405

In 1915 with World War I raging across Europe, additional monies were needed to fund the war effort.  On February 12, 1915 Admirals from the 5¢ to the 50¢ were overprinted with a War Tax for fiscal use.  A few of these were postally used.  Following this initial release were the War Tax stamps strictly for postal matters, issued beginning April 15, 1915.  A modest tax of 1¢ was all that was required on most mailings.  The stamp at hand is the scarcer Die II of the 2¢+1¢ Carmine issue of 1916, itself issued August 22, 1916.  This is a hard stamp to find in mint never hinged, with a NH factor of 200% in Unitrade.  Catalogue value for this mint never hinged Very Fine item is $900.  Our Price $700.