December 29th, 2011

Once again we find ourselves in the Festive Season, which happens to coincide with our Annual Sale.  In light of this we have been diligently adding material to our Inventory.  Once again we have focused considerable attention on Canada and Newfoundland with mint Admirals as well as blocks of the ‘Fuddle Duddle Pierre’ overprints making their way into inventory.  Expanding to the Commonwealth, we have added a great deal, but especially to Papua New Guinea with some colourful and topically relevant modern sets, mint Bermuda, George VI-era Swaziland and a host of sets of the King George V Silver Jubilee common designs from all over the Empire.  For the latter it should be noted that we will tend to have the sets priced at less than $10. available and in stock in our red boxes.  We round out our update with some better mint United States Back-of-the-book which bears mentioning.