Provisional Powerhouse — Weekly Feature #422

In May of 1946 the Belgian postal authority authorised a reduction in the postal rates paid at the time.  A typographed surcharge was applied to the governments supply of the 1Fr.50¢, 2Fr. and 5Fr. stamps.  As for the local post offices they were authorised to apply handstamps with the ‘-10%’ reduction on site.  Hundreds of types and sizes are known.  This is an excellent collection of the 1946 Provisionals with a wide assortment of the local overprints.  Should be almost impossible to duplicate.  There are at least 92 different overprints represented in this collection with the basic value for the most common type in mint at $12.60.  This Powerhouse Provisional collection is housed in ‘The American Album’.  To view many more scans of this fine collection please check it out on our website.  Our Price $1500.