Pleasant Plum — Weekly Feature #439

WF439The key value of the Admiral set, the 10¢ plum.  First issued January 12, 1912 and produced using the wet printing method.  This is a fresh block with the upper left stamp mint never hinged F-VF, the upper right stamp mint very lightly hinged Very Fine and the lower two stamps mint never hinged Very Fine.  It is interesting to note that the upper left stamp is slightly lower set in relation to its neighbour.  This is a block which we would be happy to break into singles, so for the collector of blocks this is a limited time offer.  The individual prices for the stamps in this block would be: Upper left $450.00, upper right $350.00, lower left $750.00 and lower right $800.00.  As a block,

Our Price: $1950.00 [Click the photo to go to our internet store.]