Beautiful Browns — Weekly Feature #441

WF441 We offer a pair of 7¢ Admiral Plate Blocks with lots of character.  Plate #7 was printed using the ‘wet’ printing method whereby the paper was dampened immediately before printing and, upon drying, resulted in a slightly narrower stamp due to shrinkage.  Plate #8 was printed by the ‘dry’ method.  Plate #7 has one ‘diagonal line in v’ variety and all eight stamps are mint never hinged Very Fine; the block is hinged only in the selvedge.  Plate #8 has two ‘diagonal line in the v’ varieties and the entire block is mint never hinged Very Fine.  Each block has a distinctly different shade and ‘look’ to it.  The catalogue value of $2560.00 is for 16 mint never hinged Very Fine singles.  Our Price: $1195.00