Proof Positive – Weekly Feature #444

WF444We acquired a seemingly fairly typical collection of early Canada at auction recently.  In going through the collection, we stumbled upon that which upon first glance appeared to be an imperforate single of the 1¢ Small Queen.  Our initial thought was that, based on the generous margins, this stamp was almost certainly an imperf. single as opposed to a jumbo perforate example, trimmed to appear imperforate.  Upon closer inspection it was revealed to be a Proof, based on the type of paper.  The paper used to make Proofs for the Small Queens was different from the paper used to make the completed stamps.  Therefore we can say positively that this is a Proof.  This shows that sometimes the so called ‘dregs’ of a collection may actually be the gems.  Small Queen Proofs were printed in gummed and ungummed versions.  This example is unused no gum, as issued, Very Fine.  Unitrade catalogue value is $600.00.  Our Price $500.00.