Britannia Block – Weekly Feature #445

WF445First issue of 1852 featuring Seated Britannia in a non-denominated 1/2d. block of six.  Fresh mint with three stamps hinged, three stamps never hinged and deep colour, Very Fine.  The gum has hinge remnants on the upper three stamps and some unevenness associated with the gum’s having been hand applied, there is also a backstamp.  An image of the back of this item is available by viewing the listing on our website.   A pleasing multiple with large margins all round, especially when one takes into account the vintage.  The catalogue value shown is for six hinged singles, larger multiples like this are scarce.  Dr. Fitz-Roett has written a seminal work on the stamps of Barbados which includes information on the relative rarity of postmarks and early multiples such as this.  Let us know and we can order it for you.  The price for the Barbados #1 block: $950.00