Signed Sperati — Weekly Feature #448

WF448This is a signed Jean de Sperati die proof of a Newfoundland #6, and it is a forgery. Jean de Sperati, who considered himself an artist forged more than 5000 items in his lifetime (1884-1957). He would sell superb forgeries of high-end classics, which most collectors could never afford, for about 1% of the current catalogue value.  He was perhaps the finest stamp forger of his or any other time, in his day, many experts were fooled by his forgeries.  Today collectors seek Sperati forgeries as collectibles in themselves.  This item is meant to look like a die proof of one of the first issues of Newfoundland and is handstamped with the words ‘Reproduction Interdite’ or ‘Reproduction Forbidden’.  Our Price: $450.00