Future Plans — 2014 and Beyond

The Retail Store at 62 Sparks Street

One thing we know for certain — the building will be completely empty on September 30, 2014. The store that one customer called “the most beautiful stamp shop in the country, if not the world,” will be closing.

Our lease ends on that date. Our staff has been aware of the move out of Sparks Street for about two years.

So during the next four months we expect to offer significantly more new material than usual. We will be working our way through boxes and albums which we have bought but not yet prepared for sale — some of which have been awaiting our attention for years. And we continue to purchase really nice stamps. Therefore the opportunity to find fresh new stock in the store and online will increase over the next six months.

Do not, however, expect or wait for a fire sale or deep discounts. This will not happen.

We are confident that there will be others who will take advantage of this opportunity to open a stamp store. Ottawa has a vibrant, active philatelic community and the stamp market continues to be strong for good quality material. We will pass on any further details as we become aware of them.

Ian Kimmerly

Ian has no plans to retire completely. He and Elizabeth will be heading to Victoria, British Columbia in the fall of 2014. Once the two are re-established Ian will be active in buying and selling. He WILL NOT, however, open a store in Victoria!

He looks forward to finding the stamps you need to fill the holes in your collection.

Iankimmerly.com, eBay, and other online sales

This branch of the business will continue but plans are not yet finalized. We will update you as the elements are put together.

Sparks Auctions

Sparks Auctions will continue with the active involvement of Ian Kimmerly, who will work to expand the business from Victoria as well as make return visits to Ottawa.

The company is making it a priority to find a new location in Ottawa, hopefully one with parking and other amenities. There will be more news on this in the coming months.

ORAPEX and other Stamp Exhibitions and Bourses

Ian expects to be coming to ORAPEX for many years to come. His plan is to participate in more bourses than he currently has time for.



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    • guy on September 27, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    Bad news for serious collectors! Will look forward for some fresh and valuable stamps
    until the last week of opening!

  1. Your beautiful, centrally located, traditional stamp store and its friendly staff will be missed. Ottawa will be losing a unique attraction. At the same time, congratulations to Ian on the move to Victoria with its considerably less wintry winters!

    • Carmen Gauvin-O'Donnell on January 4, 2014 at 6:25 am

    As your biggest (Kingston!) fan I am heartily sorry to hear it since IK is a store I’ve always enjoyed going to Ottawa for… and my husband and I both concur in the “most beautiful stamp store” comment above! That having been said, congrats to Ian on the Move to Victoria!

    • Joy on June 2, 2014 at 1:16 pm

    I have decided to sell my stamp collection that was passed down to me from my father and was looking for someone that was close to where I lived and found you. I guess I’m to late. Could you advise me of where
    I could find a dealer west of Ottawa to sell my stamps. It would be much appreciated.
    Sincerely Joy Munro.

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