Our inventory of mint and used Canada and British North America is comprehensive. We also have at hand extensive British Commonwealth, and European countries are well represented in our stock. Some popular topical collections are also available, as are a good selection of lots and collections.

Our Guarantee
Our standards for grading stamps are as strict and accurate as is humanly possible. We have built an outstanding reputation throughout our years as a retail stamp store and formerly as an auction house. We believe that our on-line relationship with our customers must adhere to the same high business standards we have always applied. If you believe an item is not as described, return it to us for a full refund.

Privacy and Security
Your privacy and security is very important to us. Therefore, you can be sure:

  • Ian Kimmerly Stamps does NOT share, sell, or disclose any of the information you submit on- or off-line, including e-mail addresses or other personal information.
  • We do not store any personal information about our customers on our site. Your store account password cannot be accessed by us. If you use a credit card in payment, the number you supply is not saved but instead broken down and sent to us securely in separate, encrypted messages. The information you send us this way is not stored on-line.
  • We maintain a mailing list with MailChimp, the leading mailing list manager. Messages are checked to be sure:
    • They don’t contain viruses;
    • We are the only account that is authorized to use our mailing list, so you won’t get “spam”,
    • We won’t allow document attachments on the messages, so you will be doubly protected against viruses or other damaging files.

Ian Kimmerly Stamps has been on-line since 1996. Our site features information about our store, links to our other on-line endeavours (eBay, Delcampe, Dutch Auction, mailing list), and a ZenCart store where you can purchase material from our inventory.

Please address any problems about the web site, its functioning, or things you would like to see here to our Site Administrator. All philatelic or general inquiries should be sent to Ian Kimmerly Stamps, or use the contact information below.

Contact Us

Ian Kimmerly can be reached at [email protected] We do our best to answer all inquiries in a timely manner during business hours. If you require immediate attention, please call (250) 413-3138.

Frequently Asked Questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What is Ian Kimmerly Stamps? From 1987 to 2014, Ian Kimmerly Stamps was a full-service, retail stamp shop in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. As a store, it began business in 1984 on the Sparks Street Mall in Ottawa, and continued thriving and serving collectors in the Ottawa region and, increasingly, throughout North America …

Souvenir Cachet Distinguished Philatelist

Ian’s Philatelic Biography

ORAPEX 2012 DISTINGUISHED PHILATELIST CITATION HONORED BY ORAPEX IN 2012 While it is a truth universally acknowledged that the grandest thing about the stamp world is the extraordinary people who inhabit it, there is a particular cause for jubilation when we are able to recognize among our colleagues an outstanding person, as we do annually …


Links to Other Resources We are pleased to provide the following links to other destinations which we expect will be of interest to our customers. Sparks Auctions Ian Kimmerly is president and auctioneer for Sparks Auctions in Ottawa. Sparks Auctions has sales three times a year, featuring hard-to-find classic stamps of Canada, British Commonwealth and worldwide, …

Our Historic Building in Ottawa, 2007-2014

[From October 2006 to September 2014, we occupied a lovely building at 62 Sparks Street in Ottawa, Canada. We retain the following information for those who remember the location as fondly as we do, and wish future tenants good luck as they preserve that magnificent property.] Our Retail Store Our first location was at #350, …


Our Services Appraisals Stamp Collection appraisals are available for several purposes. A written appraisal suitable for various situations is done by Mr. Kimmerly himself. Appointments are usually necessary, so please phone ahead. In rare cases, Mr. Kimmerly will travel for appraisals at the customer’s expense. A written appraisal includes a general description of the whole …