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Stamp Collection appraisals are available for several purposes. A written appraisal suitable for various situations is done by Mr. Kimmerly himself. Appointments are usually necessary, so please phone ahead. In rare cases, Mr. Kimmerly will travel for appraisals at the customer’s expense. A written appraisal includes a general description of the whole collection and a specific description of better single items.

Cash Value Appraisal
Most commonly done for estate purposes or in other situations when the current cash value of a stamp collection is needed. A Cash Value Appraisal is our offer to purchase the material for the total price given.

Price: The greater of $50 or 2% of the determined cash value.
This amount is refundable if your material is sold to us at the time of appraisal.

Replacement Value Appraisal
Usually done for insurance purposes, either at the time of taking out a policy or sometimes for a claim. The value determined is the estimated cost of replacing the collection as it exists at the time of the appraisal.

Price: 1-1/2% of the determined replacement value, minimum $50.

Ownership of the material submitted for Appraisal must be established to our satisfaction.

External Sales

eBay Auctions & Store
eBay stamp auctions is where we list new material, or items that we expect to attract interest from multiple customers. As well, you can often find good stamps or sets that just don’t fit into one of our normal retail and Boutique classifications. Have a look at what we’re offering right now!

In 15 years as a seller, we have more than 19,500 positive feedback reports, with 8000-plus unique buyers praising our careful and prompt service. Read what our winning bidders have to say about dealing with us. A positive rating of 99.8% speaks volumes!

You can check our inventory listing at, the premier stamp marketplace for European collectors.

BidStart/Stamps Wants
We have also listed thousands of auction and store items with the stamp specialty auction site BidStart (formerly You can see our listing here.