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Turks Treats — Weekly Feature #329

About 20 years ago there was an effort by a Canadian Member of Parliament to have the Turks and Caicos Islands come under Canadian sovereignty or protection. Nothing came of it. This island group which is a favoured destinations for Canadians remains a dependency of Jamaica. The first stamps for the Turks Islands were issued …

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Florida Flight — Weekly Feature #328

Florida Flight

We all know what come to mind when Florida is mentioned: Disneyworld, Miami, winter vacation, etc. This envelope from Montevideo to Florida has Uruguay stamps #295 showing the Southern Lapwing and #C7 showing a heron and as such might appeal to bird topical collector. The Scott Classic has this note after Scott #C7 (which is …

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Papal Piety — Weekly Feature #327

Pius XI

In 1956 the Panama Post Office printed a set of 12 stamps showing the Popes who had taken the name Pius. At the time Pope Pius XII was still alive and that might be the reason why these stamps were never issued. The stamps were printed in 2 panes of 50 stamps on a sheet …

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Interesting Ivory Coast — Weekly Feature #317

Ivory Coast Cover

The editors of the Scott catalogue are conscientious and do an excellent job. Nevertheless, there is a dearth of information for several African countries. Some of these are “failed states” or at least failed postal administrations. The Scott catalogue needs people to report on new issues and new overprints. Our experience is that at least …

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Intriguing Imperforates — Weekly Feature #288

Imperforate Pairs

In the mind of most stamp collectors there is something magical about the classic imperforate stamps. The thought of going back in time and into a Post Office to purchase stamps, which need to be carefully cut from a sheet, is a pleasant dream. This is one of the reasons why one of the most …

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