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Phony Philately — Weekly Feature 285

Insufficient Postage

Following in the footsteps of a group of Italian graphic designers, Frank Magazine editors Michael Bate and Glen McGregor created a collection of phony stamps. Each stamp design mocked recent media headlines. Like their Italian counterparts they were able to pass these stamps through their local Post Office with raising an eyebrow. They have compiled …

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Progressive Proof — Weekly Feature #274


Many stamps appeal to us: stamps with exceptionally high quality, interesting varieties, errors in printing and so on. Items such as proofs generally hold less appeal to us — but these hold great appeal to other collectors. This week we offer something quite interesting. It is a progressive (ie: the final design) proof sheet of …

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Lipsticked King — Weekly Feature #273

WF 273

Prior to and during Edward VII’s rise to the throne it was rumoured the Prince of Wales enjoyed the company of many women. Shown here is an unusual inconstant plate flaw on the forehead of the Monarch, reminiscent of a lipstick mark! The lower left corner block of 4 is F NH with a small …

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Conversational Cachets — Weekly Feature #271

Silver Jubilee Cachet

In past weekly features we have listed items that are one-of-a-kind finds, that we can only offer to a single buyer and once it is gone the chance of finding others is slim. This week we have selected a weekly feature of which we have many sets and it is unlikely that we will sell …

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Outstanding Olympics — Weekly Feature #269

Germany B90

I have spent many years examining collections and viewing auction lots. My experience doing this means that sometimes a stamp or set of stamps almost leaps off the page. This sometimes happens because the item has exceptionally unusual features such as a rare postmark. More frequently the reason is that the quality is exceptional. Many …

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