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Fishing Flies — Weekly Feature #260

Canada #2087a self adhesive booklet

Canada Post (in common with other postal administrations around the world) has significantly increased the range and scope of many new issues. As stamp collectors we can be nostalgic about the good old days when new issues were offered in sheets and that was the only format; but we cannot roll back the years. Booklets, …

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Attractive Audubon — Weekly Feature #246

Cook Islands #849-857

For a change of pace, this feature diverges from the usual Queen Victoria and dead white men and it doesn’t have an interesting story — we selected this item simply because it is pretty. Cook Islands #849-857, Scott CV $30.60 US. Our price $36 (see the item in our shopping cart here.)

Lovely Lesotho — Weekly Feature #238

This week’s feature is inspired by a set of stamps which sold on eBay this morning. Haiti #625-7, C348-50, is an attractive set of 6 butterfly stamps, which was listed in the 2004 Scott Catalogue with a value of $1.75. The 2005 catalogue responded by appreciating the value of many popular topical sets (especially from …

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Collectible Cancels — Weekly Feature #196

Germany C20-C26

Even with a facility in the German language and a comprehensive library of the literature on genuine and fake cancels found on German stamps, one can often have difficulty determining what is genuine and what is not. At a minimum a reference collection built up over many years is essential in identification. Here are a …

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Newfoundland 1897 Stampless Cover — Weekly Feature #191

This week we are featuring a Newfoundland stampless cover from the Bank of Montreal in St. John’s to a Reverend W. Pilot D.D. also of St. John’s. The cover has a St. John’s NEWF’D OC 21 1897 cds handstamp top left and a circular “PAID ALL” handstamp just to the right of it. Cover has …

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