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Colourful Coal — Weekly Feature #174

Coal Flyer

Our feature this week is an attractive multi-colour advertising for “naturally superior” anthracite coal. Franked with a One cent Medallion precancelled 3898 from Oshawa, the inside advertising page has an attached perforated business reply card which is tucked into a slit in the front to provide an address. We were attracted to this card because …

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PEI Tilleard Plate Proof Pair — Weekly Feature #118

PEI Tilleard Plate Proof Pair

Twelve cents Queen Victoria, “Tilleard” plate proof pair from top edge of sheet, in block on white glazed paper, ungummed, showing “LA” of “ISLAND” joined on left stamp and plate flaw on “T” of “TWELVE” on right stamp. $50 from our internet store.

AGF Year of the Tiger Postcard — Weekly Feature #113

AGF Year of the Tiger Postcard

AGF Mutual Funds Group is a respected financial services company in Canada and a large postal customer. Since their logo is a tiger, the Year of the Tiger stamp was of special interest. In cooperation with Canada Post, they produced one million special envelopes using the tiger stamp image as postal stationery. This promotional printing …

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Canada 1906 Postage Dues — Weekly Feature #55

Canada Postage Due Set

This morning we purchased a nice Canada collection and a number a sections have special appeal. One of these if the first postage due set of 11 for CDN $295 as today’s daily feature. The stamps are: J1, light hinge crease $5; J1a hinged $25; J1i NH $35; J2 hinged $10; J2a light hinge $7; …

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Light in Window & Missing Spire — Weekly Feature #45

Canada #715 with varieties

Today we offer a nice VFNH block of Canada’s few engraved stamps of recent years. The block features 2 constant varieties. The “light in the window” and the “missing spire.” As basic singles this block has a Unitrade catalogue value of $11.60-would catalogue higher as a block. Our daily feature should be attractive. CANADA 715, …

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