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The Honda Fits

A new car. After my comments about my old Ford Explorer several people have asked about my progress in getting a new vehicle. First I have to describe my past experience in car buying. My first two cars were each purchased for two hundred dollars from relatives; the next three cars were also used and …

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Superb Sarawak

To me there is always a special appeal to a block of stamps which features an error or variety in one of the stamps. One friend who exhibits internationally says “you need the ‘big chunks’ to impress the Judges.” In 1892 there was a shortage of one cent stamps in Sarawak and the three cent …

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Montreal Madness

Friday was a long and cold day. It started with a dental appointment then a drive to Montreal. I went to look at a large collection. It was quite unlike most collections I usually see. First a few words about my vehicle – 13 years old nearly 300,000 kilometres – the engine and running parts …

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Missing Year of the Pig

The lunar New Year of the Pig has produced some excitement for us. Five stamps in the right hand column are partially showing the grey rainbow foiling. The missing silver rainbow foil is a more subtle difference. It can be seen on the non-error stamps most easily in the lowest chrysanthemum flower on the pig’s …

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German Booklets

Our post-Christmas sale kept everyone busy and now after a few days of catching up on sleep, phone calls, and emails, things are closer to normal. On Monday I looked at a huge collection in Montreal and prospects look good that I will be able to buy it. Today I purchased collections of classic Bulgaria, …

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