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Large Queens

There is a story I heard after posting my last blog which I just HAVE to pass on. It comes from Ken Kershaw who after retiring from his distinguished career has taken up philately with unmatched passion and dedication. Ken was communicating with a fellow collector who has been a student of Canada’s five cent …

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Merry Christmas

Yesterday Ottawa received a dose of freezing rain. I drove a fair bit during the ice storm of 1998 but the rain of yesterday was much more slippery than 1998. When I drove home I used 4 wheel drive and travelled under 10 km an hour and still turned nearly 270 degrees instead of 90 …

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A New Beginning

Today we post the first of some pictures of our new store. This photo was taken from a ladder while preparations continue to organize the sales floor. Stamp related activities today include counting Japanese postage. It’s a huge lot and might total 1,000,000 yen. Some lovely Large Queens were carefully graded and priced. Today we …

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