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Definite Discovery — Weekly Feature #451

Victoria 2a. of India with overprint for use in British East Africa.  The importance of this stamp is that up until now there have been three known ‘states’ of the overprint, that is to say distinct variations.  In comparing this possibly unique example to the three known states, there can be no doubt that this …

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Victoria Vermilion — Weekly Feature #450

1873 6d. corner block of 12 with deep, fresh colour, a few natural paper inclusions and trivial creasing in the selvedge.  The stamps are unused no gum extremely Fine.  These stamps bear the large star watermark and this large marginal block also shows the outer edge of the whole watermark being a border of four …

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Embossed Emanuel — Weekly Feature #449

Block of six 1861 stamps bearing embossed images of Victor Emanuel II of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, for use in the Neapolitan Provinces.  This scarce Classic is accompanied by a 2013 Sergio Sismondo certificate of Expertisation which in part reads: “The block of six stamps submitted is genuine, unused, with full original gum.  It …

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Signed Sperati — Weekly Feature #448

This is a signed Jean de Sperati die proof of a Newfoundland #6, and it is a forgery. Jean de Sperati, who considered himself an artist forged more than 5000 items in his lifetime (1884-1957). He would sell superb forgeries of high-end classics, which most collectors could never afford, for about 1% of the current catalogue …

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Victorian Variety — Weekly Feature #447

1891 2¢ Straits Settlements with ‘Perak’ and 1¢ overprints, the bar omitted through the ‘one cent’ variety.  Fresh mint hinged with a hinge remnant F-VF.  Comes with a 2009 Sergio Sismondo certificate.  There is a horizontal gum bend through ‘cent’ which can be seen in the scan however there is no evidence of any break …

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