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Serious Set — Weekly Feature #446

1936 Airmails complete set celebrating the 100th mail flight across the South Atlantic.  These stamps are fresh mint never hinged with immaculate gum Very Fine.  These catalogue at $307.50 in hinged making this a tough set.  To aim for this set in never hinged one would have to be a serious collector indeed.  Our Price: …

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May 18th, 2013

At about the mid-month mark we are truly trundling along with plenty of new and interesting additions to our inventory to report.  Leading the way are British Empire items including Australian States, most notably Victoria as well as Bermuda, British Antarctic Territory and India.  Worldwide stamps worthy of mention include stamps from France and Colonies, …

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Britannia Block – Weekly Feature #445

First issue of 1852 featuring Seated Britannia in a non-denominated 1/2d. block of six.  Fresh mint with three stamps hinged, three stamps never hinged and deep colour, Very Fine.  The gum has hinge remnants on the upper three stamps and some unevenness associated with the gum’s having been hand applied, there is also a backstamp.  …

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Proof Positive – Weekly Feature #444

We acquired a seemingly fairly typical collection of early Canada at auction recently.  In going through the collection, we stumbled upon that which upon first glance appeared to be an imperforate single of the 1¢ Small Queen.  Our initial thought was that, based on the generous margins, this stamp was almost certainly an imperf. single …

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Wonderful Wooltana – Weekly Feature #443

An ideal Squared Circle on piece tying a three penny Kangaroo first watermark olive bistre Die II, well-centred stamp to large piece, dated Nov. 17, 1915.  Piece has a small tear at the top and has a censor mark  ‘Passed’.  Scott catalogue for the stamp alone is $225.00.  We think this item is worth full …

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