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Selected Sun – Weekly Feature #442

A selected example of the very first issue of Uruguay.  The 60 centavos blue depicting The Illuminating Sun, allegorical of knowledge and truth.  These stamps were spaced closely together on a pane and Very Fine examples will be touching or slightly cut into on one side.  This stamp with full gum would sell for a …

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Beautiful Browns — Weekly Feature #441

We offer a pair of 7¢ Admiral Plate Blocks with lots of character.  Plate #7 was printed using the ‘wet’ printing method whereby the paper was dampened immediately before printing and, upon drying, resulted in a slightly narrower stamp due to shrinkage.  Plate #8 was printed by the ‘dry’ method.  Plate #7 has one ‘diagonal …

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Airmail Airships — Weekly Feature #440

The iconic 1934 Airships set.  The set is mint never hinged F-VF with a very minor scuff on the 20k and a minor offset on the gum of the 5k.  This set is well back into the hinged era and is priced in Scott only in hinged at $505.00.  The earliest Russian Airmails to receive …

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Pleasant Plum — Weekly Feature #439

The key value of the Admiral set, the 10¢ plum.  First issued January 12, 1912 and produced using the wet printing method.  This is a fresh block with the upper left stamp mint never hinged F-VF, the upper right stamp mint very lightly hinged Very Fine and the lower two stamps mint never hinged Very …

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Outstanding Orange – Weekly Feature #438

1927 Special Delivery 20¢ orange.  This is a stamp issue of which we would love to offer an Extremely Fine mint never hinged jumbo at an astronomical price.  The one we are offering here is fresh and never hinged with Very Fine centring (probably in the top 1% of the issued stamps and making it …

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