Our Stamp Store Is Closed

I was attending the Washington 2006 International Stamp Exhibition when we received notice that we were to be expropriated from 112 Sparks Street to clear the building for planned renovations. After several months of active looking, the choice came down to a slightly smaller store with a similar rent on Bank Street or the large and potentially grand building at 62 Sparks with a huge rent.

Custom built as the Ottawa headquarters of the Imperial Bank of Canada, the building had been vacant for over a decade. But with over 6000 square feet, marble floors, ornate plaster, and a ceiling over 30 feet high, one could imagine that with restoration it would be a showcase for philately. I arranged a meeting to discuss the possibility of leasing the building.

My opening remarks were that I would love to lease the building and see it restored but that I had no money for restorations and couldn’t afford the rent. After an amiable discussion the elements were put together in less than an hour. The narrative of eight wonderful years can await, but a memory of the last week is fresh. And my sore muscles tell me to rest and lift only my fingers to the keyboard.

September 30th -- Almost all packed

The Store on September 30th — Almost all packed

The last day we were open was Saturday the 27th. The previous week we had moved all of British North America Philatelic Society Book Department, most of Sparks Auctions fixtures etc., and most of my reference library to their new location of Suite 202, 1550 Carling Ave. During the week we continued to empty the store, including several cubic yards of old auction catalogues. Customers kept us busy all of August and September (thank you, thank you, thank you) leaving what I thought was enough time to clean out the store during the last three days of September.

During those three days, six of us — plus a collector with a strong back and large truck — moved much of the fixtures, and packed most of the contents of the store. About 100 cartons was delivered to Sparks, and over 150 cartons were picked up for moving to Victoria. The landlord was apprised we would still be packing Wednesday but hoped to finish that day. Thursday the last of the philatelic contents were delivered to the movers; and Friday the last of the fixtures.

Elizabeth and I look forward to a fairly leisurely drive across Canada and to the next chapter of our lives in ice-free Victoria. And I will have over 150 cartons to organize, sort and price.

You will be hearing from me!

-Ian Kimmerly,
October 4, 2014

Beyond Sparks Street

In 1984, Ian Kimmerly opened his stamp store at 90 Sparks Street in Ottawa. With the exception of two years on Catherine Street near the Ottawa Bus Terminal, Ian has always remained on Sparks. But now that the store at 62 Sparks Street has closed, and Ian moves on to a new life in Victoria, BC, he nevertheless remains an active stamp dealer. This site is where you can continue to find the most up-to-date news about his activities and ventures.

IKSCoverFor the first week of October, Ian will complete the task of packing up material that is to be shipped west, and attending to a few other business details in town. The week of October 6th, Ian & Elizabeth will begin a leisurely drive across Canada to their new home.

Once established in Victoria, Ian expects to be a regular at stamp shows and clubs in the west, and to continue to purchase and sell material. This website will continue to host an internet store, and selected material will be sold on eBay and other internet avenues.

Ian continues as President of Sparks Auctions, which has moved to new premises at 1550 Carling Avenue, Suite 202, Ottawa. He expects to return to Ottawa for future auctions, and of course for ORAPEX in May.

With the luxury of time now that he no longer has the day-to-day distractions of running a retail store, Ian is looking forward to making regular posts to this blog as he did when it began in 2006. He will start off with some updates from the road as he and Elizabeth make their journey west.

Happy Stamping!
-Ian Kimmerly Stamps

PS: Local Ottawa stamp collectors will not have to wait long to find a new place to meet, add to their collections, purchase supplies, and continue to pursue their philatelic interests. Friend and colleague Chris Green’s new shop on Second Avenue at Bank Street will be opening on October 1st. See his website for more details. We wish Chris the best of luck!


September 26th, 2014

4j356Still a few more items have been added to our inventory in this the twilight of Ian Kimmerly Stamps’ days at 62 Sparks Street.  A significant amount of Falkland Islands material has been added.  Selected mint and used Canada stamps have been added as well.  In light of our imminent closing of the store, we have focused more energy on putting collections of stamps out for sale, many of which have not seen the light of day for years.  For the bargain hunters we have assembled dozens of box lots of varying prices chock-loaded with philatelic delights.

September 19th, 2014

4j161With the amount of material we have been diligently adding to our already generous inventory of quality stamps, one would not think that we were closing our doors for good in just eight short days.  Better used and mint Canada have been added.  The ever-popular area of British Commonwealth has been added to, most notably quality early Britain in both mint and used.  Stamps from the Pacific region have been added as well.

September 13th, 2014

4j62We are still adding plenty of stamps to our inventory.  Worthwhile Canada material, both mint and used is always being added.  British Empire and Commonwealth, very popular areas for us, have been added to extensively.  For these areas British Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand lead the way.  Mint and used stamps from France are also new to our inventory.  Many, many collections and accumulations are being added daily to our inventory which are making their way from either the back room or Ian’s office to the sales floor.  These have 4hC or 4jC numbers on them and are searchable on our website, although you will have to come see us to view them, because we have not done any scans to accompany them online.


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