Store Closing Update


Saturday, September 27th will be the last day we are open to customers. We don’t know how much we’ll have left by then, but drop by anyway if only to say goodbye.

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Even as we get to the end of our lease at the end of September, we continue to add more collections to the web site. They are all great buys & can be found by searching 4hC & now 4jC in our web site search feature or by scrolling through the new listings section. Crystal has been busy adding Canada, Great Britain, some scarce used Djibouti & a nice assortment of world stamps to the web site.

Possibly our final printed flyer was mailed out four weeks ago. If you didn’t get a copy in the mail, please check it out using the Features link above.


The Dutch Auctions will be going on hiatus. Ian hopes to start them up again once he gets settled in Victoria.

However, the Dutch Auction lots already launched will continue to the end dates in the system. So if you haven’t taken a look yet, please do. The 130 lots ending September 14th. have had some spirited bidding already & a number have already been won.

Good luck & good hunting.

David has been busy adding mint Canada along with mint Great Britain to the red boxes. As well there lots of new collections up front, including many better ones that are in the showcases. We have had to add a second table up front to accommodate all the collections.

As we get closer to closing we are letting our stock of philatelic supplies sell down. However, if you don’t see what you need, we are still happy to order it in for you. Just see David, Stein or Crystal.

We are now offering used Manilla stock sheets at 25 cents each. Grab some before they’re all gone.

The gently used stock books & other used supplies have been selling well, so we’ve been busy filling up the section. Stop by & save some money. There is also more literature added to the front sale table.

As well, all the fixtures & fittings are for sale, so if there’s something you can use come & get it before it’s too late.


Sparks Auctions sale #15 is almost completely shipped, and moving is scheduled for September 22nd to the new location at 1550 Carling, Suite #202. You can learn more at the Sparks Auctions web site.

Happy stamping!

-Ian Kimmerly Stamps

September 2nd, 2014

4h573This is the last month to come see us here at Ian Kimmerly Stamps.  Some new items worthy of note are: Canada mint and used with blocks and multiples of Admirals for the mint and some pleasing cds. better material for the used collector.  Early Great Britain mint stamps have been added to inventory.  A little off the beaten path would be some early fresh mint sets from Laos.

August 20th, 2014

4h235With the impending closure of the store looming, one might think that new material was not being added to our inventory, or if it was, certainly not to any significant extent.  In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.  We have added a large quantity of new items, including a great deal of People’s Republic of China stamps, including a number of key sets.  Quality used Canada is always selling and it is with due diligence that we always endeavour to add more.  The store is teeming with high quality collections, in keeping with our Collection Clearance theme of the moment, from all over the world.  These collections have often times been marked down and are eligible for a further mark-down at the cash or, if one chooses, 30% back in Kimmerly Dollars for anything in excess of $100.00 before taxes.

May 31st, 2014

Tristan da Cunha, IK #4e529We are concluding another busy month with a flourish of activity in terms of stamps added to our inventory.  This includes quality stamps from Canada such as mint marginal Admirals and other better mint stamps along with a large number of pre-cancels.  British Commonwealth has once again seen plenty of complete sets and key singles added.  The list of countries includes: Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Kenya, Tristan da Cunha, Uganda and Tanganyika, New Zealand and the Saints.

May 16th, 2014

Part of the way into this month we may report a number of exciting additions to our inventory.  Starting with our mainstay of Canada the highlights include: better mint Admirals, various booklet panes, pre-cancels and many used examples of the 6¢ Large Queen.  An extensive British Commonwealth collection comprised almost exclusively of complete sets has kept us busy and we have been adding these quality sets, both mint and used, to our inventory.  The list of countries is from A-F, so far, with a few standouts, including: Aden, Ascension, Australia, Bahrain, British Guiana, British Honduras, Cyprus,  Dominica, The Falklands and Fiji.


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