May 1st, 2014

Malaya 10cAs one month closes and another begins we find ourselves with plenty of new items that bear reporting.  The past couple of weeks have seen us putting a major push on putting better Canada into our inventory.  Used Pence and Cents issues plus quality mint and used material from the period of later Victoria.  More high quality mint coils have been added to our inventory to give a better selection to those whom collect by either pairs or strips of four.  The British Empire has been an area which has been added to quite extensively.  Stamps from Malaya, Straits Settlements and the surrounding area have been added.  Better New Zealand material is new to inventory.  Also, British Caribbean material has been added, with St. Vincent leading the way.

April 26th, 2014

4d291Many new items have been entered into our inventory.  We have zealously added better material to our already generous Canada inventory.  Many never hinged items, especially in coils both pairs and strips of four have been added.  British Commonwealth from all over this hemisphere with Newfoundland, British Caribbean, including The Bahamas and Caymans, plus British Guiana and the Falklands.  New also are items from the Old World, including Classic country stalwarts like Germany and Russia.

April 5th, 2014

4c651We have had a good start to our month in terms of adding new material to our inventory.  Our constant quest for premium quality Canadian stamps continues and we have added better items in terms of both mint and used.  Town postmarks from all over the country have been added.  Additionally many key and harder revenues are new to inventory.  All manner of better Newfoundland material makes its debut as well.  British Empire stamps which should be mentioned are numerous but highlights are sets and singles from South Africa and Seychelles.  Red hot People’s Republic of China has been added to our inventory as well.

March 31, 2014

4c393Rounding out another busy month here at Ian Kimmerly Stamps we have a number of better items to highlight which are new to our inventory.  Premium quality Canadian stamps of the Late Victorian and Edwardian period have been added.  Staying within Canada’s borders we should also mention a number of tougher revenues, also new to inventory.  Better Newfoundland used as well as mint are always a priority and we have added even more to our already impressive assortment.  For the wider British Commonwealth we stay with the epicentre, Great Britain, where we have added plenty of better material.

Future Plans — 2014 and Beyond

The Retail Store at 62 Sparks Street

One thing we know for certain — the building will be completely empty on September 30, 2014. The store that one customer called “the most beautiful stamp shop in the country, if not the world,” will be closing.

Our lease ends on that date. Our staff has been aware of the move out of Sparks Street for about two years.

So during the next four months we expect to offer significantly more new material than usual. We will be working our way through boxes and albums which we have bought but not yet prepared for sale — some of which have been awaiting our attention for years. And we continue to purchase really nice stamps. Therefore the opportunity to find fresh new stock in the store and online will increase over the next six months. Continue reading

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