Lovely Lesotho — Weekly Feature #238

This week’s feature is inspired by a set of stamps which sold on eBay this morning. Haiti #625-7, C348-50, is an attractive set of 6 butterfly stamps, which was listed in the 2004 Scott Catalogue with a value of $1.75.

The 2005 catalogue responded by appreciating the value of many popular topical sets (especially from relatively unpopular countries, such as Haiti), recognizing that the demand among topical collectors far exceeds the demand from country collectors. As a result, many of these sets have doubled or tripled in price. The Haiti set went up an astounding amount – more than 50 times the previous catalogue value to $94.75. We bought this lovely set recently and it is in immaculate condition so we decided to try it on eBay. On eBay it attracted more than 50 people to “open” the description. Our stiff opening bid of $68.98 was realized and then it started going up and finally sold to Japan for US $103.50 with 5 different bidders prepared to pay our opening bid.

This week we offer a set with a similar back story. We offer these VF NH sets at $17.50; find them in our internet shopping cart at this link.

Collectible Cancels — Weekly Feature #196

Even with a facility in the German language and a comprehensive library of the literature on genuine and fake cancels found on German stamps, one can often have difficulty determining what is genuine and what is not. At a minimum a reference collection built up over many years is essential in identification. Here are a few examples:

Germany used stamps
The stamp on the left (Scott #316 mint C.V. $0.20, used $6.50) has a fake cancel which is obvious when the stamp is turned over. The stamp on the right (Scott #293 mint C.V. $0.20, used $0.85) is “probably” genuinely used. Note there are 2 postmarks on the stamp.

Germany C15-C19 set
This set of Scott #C15-C19 (mint C.V. $1, used $100.75) is virtually certain not to be good. Anytime there is a ratio of used catalogue value to mint catalogue value that is this high, a certificate is called for. In this set the 100 marks has a postmark, which might be genuine (if so C.V. is $9.75).

Germany C20-C26The next set Scott #C20-C26 (mint C.V. $1000 for NH, $177.95 for hinged, used $208) is a problem for the collector or dealer. It comes from a very strong collection and on balance we would give the postmarks a thumbs up, although we are not certain. Perhaps one or more of our readers can help with details. In any event we offer all 3 (essentially all the value is in the C20-C26 set) as a single weekly feature for $120. It can be purchased in our internet store at this link.

Newfoundland 1897 Stampless Cover — Weekly Feature #191

Newfoundland Stampless CoverThis week we are featuring a Newfoundland stampless cover from the Bank of Montreal in St. John’s to a Reverend W. Pilot D.D. also of St. John’s. The cover has a St. John’s NEWF’D OC 21 1897 cds handstamp top left and a circular “PAID ALL” handstamp just to the right of it. Cover has some small tears, but is still an attractive and unusual item, our price $95.

Colourful Coal — Weekly Feature #174

Our feature this week is an attractive multi-colour advertising for “naturally superior” anthracite coal. Franked with a One cent Medallion precancelled 3898 from Oshawa, the inside advertising page has an attached perforated business reply card which is tucked into a slit in the front to provide an address.

We were attracted to this card because of its Exhibition quality and the fact that it might interest so many different groups of thematic collections including precancels, waterfalls, coal, advertising, business reply, etc. It can be purchased for $75 from our internet store.

Coal Flyer

PEI Tilleard Plate Proof Pair — Weekly Feature #118

PEI Tilleard Plate Proof PairTwelve cents Queen Victoria, “Tilleard” plate proof pair from top edge of sheet, in block on white glazed paper, ungummed, showing “LA” of “ISLAND” joined on left stamp and plate flaw on “T” of “TWELVE” on right stamp.

$50 from our internet store.

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