Credit Card Payments

We have credit card processing facilities at our retail store for Visa & Mastercard. Your Zen Cart (electronic store) purchase details will be transmitted to us securely. You can make payment via PayPal for eBay and other on-line sales. Or call us at 250-413-3138 and we can take your information.

Payment Notes

Do you accept payment in US dollars?

We are obliged by the bank to charge your credit card in Canadian dollars, which are converted by your credit card company into US$. This price will be close to but may not exactly match the card company’s conversion rate, so the amount on your credit card statement may vary slightly. We will accept US dollar cheques. Currently, $1US=$0.80 CDN approximately.

Do I have to pay any taxes?

We must charge Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax on items sold to Canada (13% in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland & Labrador; 15% in Nova Scotia; 12% in British Columbia; and 5% elsewhere). Books are exempted. Items which are exported to the United States or elsewhere are not charged tax.

What are Kimmerly Dollars?

K$5We will give you 15% back in Kimmerly Dollars (our own discount certificates) on purchases of $100 or more of ALL regularly priced retail items from our store. Exclusions include our site Auction, eBay items, BNAPS literature, some philatelic literature, and any sale or previously discounted items.

Kimmerly Dollars can be used to pay for your future purchases on anything in the store with the exception of our site Auction, other on-line auction items (eBay etc.).

Kimmerly dollars have no monetary value and are redeemable for goods at Ian Kimmerly Stamps only.