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Marvelous Marsupial – Weekly Feature #426

3d. olive bistre Kangaroo Die I with the watermark of the narrow crown and narrow ‘A’ in a marginal block of four.  Fresh, immaculate mint never hinged.  This is so fresh as to earn the distinction of being marvelous.  Our Price: $285.

June 30, 2011

Month end sees another vast and varied group of stamps entering our inventory.  Our focus lately has been Russia where we have added sets and singles that stretch all the way back to Early Imperial times.  Newfoundland once again is an area where we have made additions.  For British Empire/Commonwealth we have added some early …

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Beautiful Ballarat — Weekly Feature #385


Gold was discovered in 1850 near the tiny village of Ballarat, in Victoria, Australia. Within a year, the 10,000 miners that flocked to the area made this village the largest population center in Victoria. It is now a tourist destination in part because of the beautiful Victorian architecture. The first stamps for Victoria were issued …

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