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Jan 28

Fresh Fugitive — Weekly Feature #455

Victoria 1sh. bicolour with ‘GOVt PARCELS’ Official overprint.  Fresh mint never hinged Very Fine.  This stamp, along with its contemporaries, was printed with fugitive inks and surviving examples of this issue and ones like it have often discoloured through the years.  Even humidity in the air can cause stamps like this to fade over time.  …

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Apr 09

Selected Sun – Weekly Feature #442

A selected example of the very first issue of Uruguay.  The 60 centavos blue depicting The Illuminating Sun, allegorical of knowledge and truth.  These stamps were spaced closely together on a pane and Very Fine examples will be touching or slightly cut into on one side.  This stamp with full gum would sell for a …

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Jun 19

Thrice, Thrice Three – Weekly Feature #427

A recent purchase had these stamps stand out on page one.  The four ring numerals were first used in the Pence period so these were used more than 10 years after their introduction.  Number 27 was Ottawa, hence the hometown affinity.  The 1¢ has a short perf., the 2¢ a fault in the upper left …

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Jan 31

January 31st, 2012

Over the last week we have mostly finished the work of adding the recently acquired tremendous collection of Latin America and Portuguese Colonies to our inventory.  For the last number of days the area seeing the most growth has been Brazil where we have had to add another box to our red boxes.  More Canada …

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