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Beautiful Brown – Weekly Feature #437

George V Admiral 3¢ in a marginal block of 15.  Mint never hinged.  A wonderful block with full immaculate gum and set off by the type D lathework.  This well-centred item was printed by the dry method in a shade of deep yellow brown.  Incredible colour.  The Unitrade catalogue value for #108b is $4995.00.  We …

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Sparkling Sens — Weekly Feature #421

1938 Complete set of three engraved bicolours featuring Sun Yat Sen, Type I printed by the Chung Hwa Book Company.  Fresh mint never hinged white gum with only the low value having light dulling of the gum Very Fine set.  These are indeed Sparkling Sens.  Our Price: $375.

Fabulous Five — Weekly Feature #418

1888 5¢ dark green Registered Mail stamp.  Mint hinged with Jumbo margins, showing the next stamp at top Very Fine.  A fabulous Five Cent.  Our Price $300.

Magnificent Malaya – Weekly Feature #410

The first set in the reign of George VI for the Malayan State of Kedah was this magnificent group of nine bicolours featuring engraved images of the Sultan of Kedah, Sir Abdul Hamid Halim Shah.  For the popular area of Malaya this set is one of the stand-outs.  Offered here is a fresh mint never …

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Powerful Pound — Weekly Feature #402

A mighty stamp embodying the power of the British Empire.  This is a  large-sized engraved issue with a very high face value, especially  for the day.  Issued in honour of the 9th U.P.U. congress held in London in 1929.  This stamp features the image of St. George slaying The Dragon, an allegorical representing Britain triumphing …

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