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November 8th, 2012

The in flow of quality British Commonwealth stamps continues.  We have added many sets and singles from in and around the area of the Pacific, including items from Niue, Norfolk, North Borneo, Penhryn and Pitcairn.  Also many better and key items have been added to our Canada inventory.  A new group of pre-cancels to add …

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Classic Canada – Weekly Feature #432

A rare example of a vertical stitch watermark on the 6¢ Large Queen.  Lovely deep yellow-brown shade with a fancy cork cancel.  We have only seen one other example offered for sale in the past three years.  Perhaps this stamp is undercatalogued in light of its scarcity.  Our Price: $1200.00

Thrice, Thrice Three – Weekly Feature #427

A recent purchase had these stamps stand out on page one.  The four ring numerals were first used in the Pence period so these were used more than 10 years after their introduction.  Number 27 was Ottawa, hence the hometown affinity.  The 1¢ has a short perf., the 2¢ a fault in the upper left …

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March 15th, 2012

The Ides of March have proven once again to be a momentous time.  In this case, in terms of the variety of material we have added to our inventory.  Plenty of Bolivia, both mint and used along with Peru and Chile used items are new for Latin America.  For Europe look for a fair quantity …

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Victorian Variety — Weekly Feature #423

Late in the run of the Large Queens Series a variety was issued in the 15¢.  The 1874 Victoria 15¢ Large Queen in greyish purple, perf. 11.5/12.  Used with a bold fancy cork cancel and intact perforations.  A scarce large Queen, made all the more interesting by being a sound Very Fine.  Our Price $350.  …

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