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Oct 16

October 16th, 2012

The first half of this month has been largely devoted to adding a vast hoard of Canadian pre-cancels to our inventory.  This group numbers in the hundreds and contains many errors and scarcer items with some being mint examples.  Aside from this huge group we have also found time to add some compelling items from …

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Nov 30

November 30th, 2011

As we close off the month of November, the highlight must certainly have been the preponderance of odd and curious material.  Over the last week, along with the unusual items, once again the area of concentration in additions to inventory has been British Commonwealth, with singles and sets from Malta, Mauritius and Victorian Great Britain.  …

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Aug 30

August 30th, 2011

Falling a ways shy of last month’s tremendous total catalogue value added of over $100,000, we did nonetheless have an outstanding month.  There have been significant additions to a number of popular areas.  Look for German Offices abroad, British Offices abroad and Russian Offices abroad.For the Commonwealth we have added Aden, Grenada, India with States, …

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May 13

May 13, 2011

Once again we unearth imperforate stamps that are more frequently seen in a perfed variety.  For the out-of-town collector we have taken the time to list a large number of packets with higher priced items also featuring a scan.  The overwhelming story of the past few days, however, has been British Empire/Commonwealth.  We have added …

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