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Fresh Fugitive — Weekly Feature #455

Victoria 1sh. bicolour with ‘GOVt PARCELS’ Official overprint.  Fresh mint never hinged Very Fine.  This stamp, along with its contemporaries, was printed with fugitive inks and surviving examples of this issue and ones like it have often discoloured through the years.  Even humidity in the air can cause stamps like this to fade over time.  …

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Remarkable Re-entry – Weekly Feature #424

7¢ Airmail re-entry

7¢ Airmail featuring a Goose in flight with perforations for Official use in a vertical strip of three with an interesting unlisted major re-entry on the left side of the top two stamps.  This re-entry is very similar to the scarce listed double frameline on the right side, found only in row #5 in a …

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February 10th, 2012

The last number of days have been spent much as the few weeks before, namely in the adding to inventory of stamps from Latin countries.  Portugal and Italy in particular see many new additions.  For the British Empire many singles and sets have been added from such places as Dominica, Gibraltar and Great Britain itself …

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November 18th, 2011

Although there have not been any stand-outs areas or topics for quantity, the last number of days have seen a tremendous variety of material added to our inventory.  For Canada, there are recently added Classics, Perforated Officials with cds cancels, Pre-cancels and British North America items.   A mixed bag of British Commonwealth/Empire has made …

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