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May 18th, 2013

At about the mid-month mark we are truly trundling along with plenty of new and interesting additions to our inventory to report.  Leading the way are British Empire items including Australian States, most notably Victoria as well as Bermuda, British Antarctic Territory and India.  Worldwide stamps worthy of mention include stamps from France and Colonies, …

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Revenue Revelation — Weekly Feature #387

10¢ KGV Supreme Court rouletted with offset

The ten cent King George Fifth Supreme Court Law Stamps are quite scarce. They were printed, then either perforated or rouletted and the rouletted stamps are found with both a blue or a purple control number. Recently a prominent citizen of Ottawa made an appointment to bring in “tons of stamps,” to use his phrase. …

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Fishing Flies — Weekly Feature #260

Canada #2087a self adhesive booklet

Canada Post (in common with other postal administrations around the world) has significantly increased the range and scope of many new issues. As stamp collectors we can be nostalgic about the good old days when new issues were offered in sheets and that was the only format; but we cannot roll back the years. Booklets, …

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